Polyurethane casting - screens, rollers, polyurethane mats


Polyurethane and other plastics are most frequently used in places where elements of machines, tanks, chutes and other areas are subject to a strong abrasive material that causes their fast wear. Polyurethanes also reduce noise and minimize vibrations. There are plenty of various applications for polyurethanes, while the most common elements are sieves for screens, plates for coverings of sifters and chutes, conveyor belt scrapers, hydrocyclones, vibration dampers, seals for vehicle scales, slats, wheels, rollers, shafts, nozzles, and many other.

The instances of use of polyurethane elastomers

  • polyurethane screens for sifters, screens for circular dryers and accessories (nozzles, slats, wedges, pins etc.),
  • belt sweepers, scrapers,
  • various bushings, shafts, wheels, rollers,
  • hydrocyclones,
  • wear-resistant linings,
  • polyurethane pads for soil compactors,
  • regeneration of snow groomer wheels,
  • gaskets for vehicle scales,
  • other elements created based on the customer’s specifications.

Types of polyurethane screens available

  • pin (750x300, 1000x300),
  • spiked (404x434, 750x300, 1000x300),
  • stepped (300x600),
  • segmented (stretched or fixed with wedges and strips),
  • screen mats (BINDER and LIVELL),
  • dehydrator mats (sizes based on customer’s guidelines).