Poliuretanowa uszczelka do wagi samochodowej

Polyurethane gasket for vehicle scale

T-type polyurethane gaskets for vehicle scales are characterized by exceptional mechanical properties, resistance to oils, greases, and weather conditions, which means a much longer service life of polyurethane seals compared to rubber seals. On top of that, the yellow color gives the scale outline greater visibility, so the driver can climb onto the scale easier.

We make gaskets in sections of 3 meters with the possibility of joining into longer sections.
It is possible to make other dimensions of gaskets, but with a maximum length of 3 meters.

Properties of polyurethane seals:

hardness 75º ShA
tensile strength 35- 80 MPa
elongation at break 350 – 450 %
abrasiveness 35 – 40 mm3
density 1.25 – 1.30 g/cm3